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Conversation with a physician client

A proven method for high performing individuals to achieve dramatic results, coaching is a collaborative process designed to unleash your own problem solving skills and achieve your goals in business and life.


Coaching is a standard leadership development tool used by many businesses and Fortune 500 companies. A highly efficient and impactful process, coaching helps successful people improve their results over time.


Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or uncertain of how to proceed is common among even the most successful professionals. Engagement and honest dialogue are key to the coaching process. The goal is to discover and sustain great results that allow you to overcome your challenges and be more effective in your career and in your life.

The Coaching Process


Together, we will start with an hour-long introductory session. The purpose is to introduce ourselves and discuss your individual situation, your challenges and your goals. Through a process called active inquiry, I will ask you powerful questions to better understand your challenges and help you discover the solutions to transform your career and achieve sustainable success.


All sessions are done by phone or internet conferencing and are confidential. Future sessions are 50 minutes in length and are typically scheduled every-other-week for 6 months, but this can vary depending on your individual situation and circumstances.

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