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Heath A. Jolliff, DO

International Coaching Federation certification
Center for Executive Coaching certification badge
PXT Select Assessment certification
Top 15 coached in Columbus, Ohio

After more than 25 years of clinical practice, I had achieved many of the traditional measures of success. Dual boarded in Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology I loved the practice of medicine and teaching, but was still left wanting something more from my career.

Throughout my career, I have seen many physicians who struggle with the stresses of clinical medicine, the loss of autonomy, burnout and lack of resilience, the unplanned administrative overload and the ongoing threat of malpractice. Some of these physicians became unhappy, were labeled as disruptive and left clinical medicine altogether. After facing my own brush with burnout, I found myself asking: “We spend our lives helping others, but who is helping us?” ​

As part of my own search, I attended a conference on non-clinical careers and there I met my own physician coach. During the coaching process, I began to explore options outside of clinical medicine. I have developed a "portfolio career," combining all the things I love about medicine and eliminating the things I don’t. I work as an educator, a national speaker and have my own consulting business.

Throughout my career of working with medical students, residents and attending physicians, I have seen brilliant professionals who were often unhappy and were looking for a new direction. I thought back to my coach and decided the next step in my career was to become a coach and work with my fellow physician colleagues. 

After becoming certified as an executive coach, I now work with physicians in all stages of their careers. Through the process of coaching, I help them find focus, direction and solutions to their current and future career challenges. I would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your career, what challenges you are facing, and what ideas and directions you are exploring. Together, we can find solutions and make a plan to get you from where you are now to where you truly want to be.

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